Team Play 

Teams in our Division:

SNGABW                                           Black Mountain                                                Boulder City

Los Prados                                        Muni                                                                 Oasis
Spanish Trail

2019 Team Play Standings

Team Play 2018

Team Play for 2018 begins on February 12 at Siena.   We were so close to being in the playoffs last year, so let’s kick some butt this year.  We need 8 players at every team play date.  If anyone else is interested, kindly let me know ASAP.

Here are the members who have signed up to represent us next year:

Tina Lipschutz

Barb Ford

Verna Huiskamp

Robin Sharp

Mary Tucker, Captain

Tina Low

Karen Huckabay

Nancy Lauback, Co-Captain

Monica Fairbanks

Theresa Prospero

Christine Soscia

Sai King

Kathy Faber

Lai Rippee

Jan Hansen

Lois Harper, if available

Danielle Kaylor, alternate

Nicole Nolan, sub when available

Although I have added the schedule to our preliminary calendar, I am listing it here again as Mary will be sending out an email to the team asking for your availability on each date.  All team play dates are on Monday.

February 12        Siena                                  9:00 a.m. SG      $56

February 26        LVCC                                 9:00 a.m. SG       $65

March 19            Revere Concord                8:00 a.m. SG        $58

April 9                 Bear’s Best                         8:00 a.m. SG      $65

April 23               Los Prados                          8:00 a.m. SG      $35

May 7                 Wildhorse                           7:30 a.m. SG       $45

May 21               Oasis Palmer                      8:00 a.m. SG       $60

June 11              Playoffs—TPC Vegas         7:30 a.m. SG       $50

July 9                 Team Party—Southshore   8:00 a.m. SG       $100

Thanks for your participation.

Team Play Finals: Reflection Bay May 15th, 2017

Team Play Playoffs were held at Reflection Bay, but not without mishap.  Reflection Bay had the ladies teeing off at set tee times, not a shotgun.  After a lengthy back and forth, very cordial, the Club was able to give us a shotgun but loaded each hole with an A, B, C team, even the Par 3 17th - ugh.  But each lady rose to the challenge very valiantly as you can see by their team scores.

1st Place: Boulder City 13.5 points  Runner Up: Spanish Trail 10.5 points

1st Place: Oasis 6.5 points  Runner Up: Chimera 5.5 points

1st Place: Red Rock 6.5 points  Runner Up: Los Prados 5.5 points

Next event is the Team Play Party at Cascata.  Be sure to send your $$ into Jackie on time. Flyer is attached.  Send in your players names to Rhonda ASAP (if you've already done so please don't send another list).

It's been a very interesting year and I applaud each and every one of you who support golf, team play and the WSNGA.

Team Play Division Standings