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Conestoga, Mesquite Nevada
February 25

Lft to Rt: Nancy Lauback, Karen Huckabay, Christine Soscia, Theresa Summers, Linda Berardo, Theresa Prospero, Kathy Faber, Lisa Wiley
Team Play SNGABW vs Wildhorse Winning with 21 1/2 pts.

1st Team Play Results

January 29 @ Canyon Gate

It’s team play again and the team is  off to a great start.  Monday, Jan 29, was the first match of the season and it started off with smiles on every golfer.   Compared to last year’s season opener of snow, wind and chilly temps, this year we had clear blue skies and 70 degrees of warmth. 

Our team faced BC Dam in the opener at Canyon Gate Country Club.  Our first team of Theresa Prospero and Gabby Buonacorsi got us started with securing a point.  Between them, they had 11 pars.  Our second team, Margie Cashwell and Karen Huckabay, with 7 pars and a birdie by Margie were able to take all 6 points in their match.  Our third team, Lisa Wiley and Linda Berardo, with 9 pars and a chip in birdie by Lisa on the last hole, took all six points.  Our fourth team, Nancy Lauback and a new comer to the team Ada Cheung, had a tight match and walked away with 2 points.

The team accumulated 15 points.  After week one, we are 4th Gross, 2nd Net and 3rd Overall.  Our next match is February 12 at Chimera against a tough Las Vegas National team. 

If you are interested in playing or learning more about team golf, please contact Margie Cashwell or Christine Soscia

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Lft to Rt:  Karen Huckabay, Gabby Buonacorsi, Theresa Prospero, Margie Cashwell, Ada Cheung, Nancy Lauback, Lisa Wiley, and front Linda Berardo

Team Play 2023

April 24th Palm Valley vs. Canyon Gate

Highly anticipated match of the season…………………

As expected, our match on 4/24 against a tough Canyon Gate team was tough, competitive and a lot of fun. Going into the match, we held an eleven point lead for first place overall. The team needed to play well and take as many points as possible. We knew we were going to have to fight for every point as the matches were very even. Team 1, Danielle Kaylor and Margie Cashwell, got off to a slow start but went to the back 9 with fire. They recorded 1 birdie and 15 pars to take 4 points. Nicole Nolan, team 2, along with playing partner Christine Soscia, took off her socks and shoes and hit a ball out of the water to 10 feet from the pin. With 3 birdies and 13 pars, sinking a long putt on 9 to win the hole and parring the last hole to win the hole, team 2 took 4 points. Team 3, Lisa Wiley and Kathy Faber, took their match down to the last hole and with a par secured 4 points for the team. Congrats on a birdie and 6 pars team 3. Team 4, Donna Roush and Nancy Lauback, ran into a team that was sinking 30 foot putts all day. With a birdie and 8 pars they took half a point to lead the team to a total of 12 1/2 points. We remain 11 points ahead of second for overall with two matches to go.

Our next match is May 8 against second place overall, Red Rock. If the team continues to do well, they should secure a spot in the championship round.

Team play is so exciting, you meet the most wonderful people, develop lasting friendships and have a ton of fun. If you are interested in learning and or playing on the team, please reach out to Margie Cashwell, Christine Soscia or any of the many team members. All handicaps are welcome, you are not required to play every match and, if possible, you will always play with a veteran player.  

Team Match 3, 2023

We played like champions yesterday and as Nicole said - we crushed it!!

The team took 21 1/2 points and has moved up in the standings.  We are curretly in 3rd place overall.  The two teams ahead of us have yet to hav a bye week so I antiipate, if we keep up the great play, we will be number 1 at the end of the season.

Our next match is Monday, March 13 @ Canyon Gate.  

by Christine Soscia

February 15, 2023

Since the players who represented the BW today have all played multiple seasons, we thought it would be fun to wear a "vintage" shirt.  Like past seasons, the team came to play today against a tough Oasis team in extremely challenging conditions.  With a total of 9 pars and a birdie, team Audrey and Kathy took all 6 points.  Team Donna and Nancy added 5 1/2 points with a total of 7 pars.  Team Karen and Christine contributed 2 points with a total of 10 pars and 1 birdie. Team Margie and Theresa, with 9 pars, played well but ran into very hot players.

The next match is Feb 27th against Chimera Silver at Boulder Creek.

If you are interested in learning more about team play, please contact Margie Cashwell or Christine Soscia.

by Christine Soscia  

Team Play 2022

March 21, 2022

Through 5 matches, the team is trailing a very tough Muni team by only 5 points because of stellar play and knowledge of the rules.

It was another windy chilly day but that didn't stop the team from taking 17 1/2 points today.  With a fast start from Nicole with a birdie on the starting hole and then and Eagle on Hole 2, Team 3 took 3 1/2 points.  Contributing to the list of Eagles was Nancy, who from 150 yds out, rolled the ball in the hole for a 2!  Adding to the Eagle was a birdie.  She was making it happen along with her teammate, Donna, who also had a nice birdie as they took 5 points.  Team 2 took 4 points as Huckabay had back to back birdies and Danielle added another.  Team 1 was a tough match and came down to a rules decision.  Knowing the rules, helped Team 1 take 5 points.  

Lisa Wiley, Nicole Nolan, Karen Huckabay, Christine Soscia, Theresa Prospero,

 Lorna Daniels, Tina Low.

Team Play 2021

Team Play SNGABW 2021

From Left to Right: Theresa Summers, Lynn King, Theresa Prospero, Gabrielle Buonacorsi, Nancy Lauback, Christine Soscia, Nicole Nolan, and Margie Cashwell

Teams in our Division:

2020 BW Team.


What a day! So proud of the BW team. We would like to thank the 2/24 squad for playing and bringing their A game. Each pairing supported their partner with putting, where to aim the ball, strategy and encouraging words. Siena can be a bit tricky! That being said, we took 21 1/2 points today:-).

Our next math is March 23 at Los Prados against Oasis who is right on our tail for Gross and Overall.

Christine and Margie

Team Play 2020

Back Row:

Nicole Nolan, Margie Cashwell, Theresa Summers, Karen Huckabay, Theresa Prospero

Front Row:

Linda Berardo, Shayna Bott, Christine Soscia

2019 Team Play Standings

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