Team Play 2021

Team Play SNGABW 2021

From Left to Right: Theresa Summers, Lynn King, Theresa Prospero, Gabrielle Buonacorsi, Nancy Lauback, Christine Soscia, Nicole Nolan, and Margie Cashwell

Teams in our Division:

2020 BW Team. 


     What a day!  So proud of the BW team.  We would like to thank the 2/24 squad for playing and bringing their A game.  Each pairing supported their partner with putting, where to aim the ball, strategy and encouraging words.  Siena can be a bit tricky!  That being said, we took 21 1/2 points today:-).

     Our next math is March 23 at Los Prados against Oasis who is right on our tail for Gross and Overall.  

Christine and Margie

Team Play 2020

Back Row:

Nicole Nolan, Margie Cashwell, Theresa Summers, Karen Huckabay, Theresa Prospero

Front Row: 

Linda Berardo, Shayna Bott, Christine Soscia

2019 Team Play Standings