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Join today by filling out the application below and mailing it with your annual membership dues of $55.00 to:

SNGABW, 1524 Frandosa Lane, Las Vegas, 89117 (Make check payable to SNGABW).

Dues include your annual GHIN registration and the opportunity to participate in all Women's Southern Nevada Golf Association and Club activities. See below for prorated dues fees if you are joining after August 31st.



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QUESTIONS? PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL: Jackie Pierson: (702) 203-9005 / or Jan Hansen: (702) 523-1243 /

Dues are prorated for those members joining after August 31st, in the same calendar year, according to the following chart:


            September 1st           $    45.00

            October 1st               $    40.00

            November 1st            $    35.00

            December 1st            $    30.00

            Limited Membership   $    30.00