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Play Days

Highland Falls
August 14
7am SG
August 21, 2021
Chimera Low Gross, Low Net
7:15 SG

Due to an unfortunate situation, our Primm game was canceled.  Extreme heat caused a lot of damage to the turf on the Lakes Course at Primm, and due to the long drive, it was in the best interest of our players that we cancel.  We were extremely grateful to the staff of Primm for being understanding about the situation.

July 24, 2021

Primm Valley Lakes

8 am SG


Aug 7, 2021

Bear's Best

7:30 SG


July 10, 2021

Bear's Best

7:30 SG


9 Easiest Holes

July 17, 2021

Palm Valley

8 am SG

$45 Palm Valley

Odd Holes

June 13, 2021


Nassau- Low net

7:30 SG


TC: Kathy Faber

June 20, 2021


Blind Draw Partner front and back 1/2 your handicap


7:30 SG

TC: Kathy Faber

Club Championship

Bear's Best June 5th and 6th

May 23, 2021

Stallion Mountain

40 players

Best 9 Holes to Par

May 8, 2021

Bears Best


7:30 SG

Sweet 16

(throw out worst hole on front and back side)

May 8, 2021

Great Job Finalists in the Maary Smith Tournament!

Trinh Kern vs Theresa Summers

Winner is........ Theresa Summers!

April 24

Highland Falls

8 am

Drop 3

Tournament Chairs/ Deb Koch/ Connie Patterson

May 1, 2021

Boulder City


Low Gross Low Net

7:30 am

TC: Deb Koch/ Connie Patterson

Highland Falls, L to R:K Faber, B Ford, Y Masuda, S Wiley

April 10th

Bears Best

ABCD game

Cha, Cha, Cha


5 days after aeration

April 17

Primm Lakes

Pick your foursome

Friendly Fours


Palm Valley

March 20

7am SG


Maary Smith Round 2/ Most Natural Pars and Better


March 28

7:30 SG


Mutt and Jeff= 5 pars and 3 pars.

Highland Falls

Feb 28th

Criss Cross



Bears Best

March 6

Maary Smith/ Low Gross/Low Net

Feb 13


9 am SG

ABCD Team Play

Pink Ball



8:30 SG

Game: Better This Than That

Throw out 1 par 3, 1 par 4, 1 par 5

Royal Links

Jan 24, 2021


9am SG


Boulder Creek

Jan 30, 2021

Tee Times starting at 9:06

Single Cart $65

Share a Cart $55

Partners Best Ball

Palm Valley

Jan 17

9am SG


Aces Wild

Bears Best

January 9, 2021


Front 9

Back 9

43 Players braved the cold and wind to play. Good Job Ladies!

Holiday Party

Eagle Crest

December 12, 2020

Nov 22, 2020

The Club at Sunrise

9:00 SG $35


Deb Koch

Connie Patterson

Good Evening Ladies,

What a beautiful day for golf at The Club at Sunrise. Thank you all for coming and supporting our club. Our game was a $2.00 buy in for Basic Skins.

Congratualtions to our winners which included:

Connie Patterson  $26.60     Eagle on 8 and an Ealge on 10

Karen Bernard.       $3.80.    Birdie on 3

Lai Rippee.             $3.80.    Eagle on 1

Lorna Daniels.        $3.80.    Birdie on 2

Las Vegas National

Nov. 15, 2020

$46 8:30 SG


Fay Geddes

Donna Roush

Kathy Faber

Dec 6th, 2020

Bears Best

9am SG



Margie Cashwell and Maggie Bowgren 

Bears Best

November 7, 2020

$65 8:30 SG

Chairpersons Margie Cashwell

Sierra Nevada Cup

Highland Falls


Oct 24,2020

Play Day Chairs

Suzanne Desmarais and Kathy Faber

Format: ABCD

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

Results for Highland Falls

1st place team with a 60

Karen Huckabay

Gail Grundy

Nancy Lauback

Susan Silcott

2nd place team with a 60

Danielle Kaylor

Karan Jacobson

Nicole Nolan

Suzanne Desmarais

3rd place team with a 60

Deb Koch

Karen Bernard

Dara Davis

Jill Paige


October 10,2020

Monica Fairbanks Chairperson

Desert Course 8:30 SG

Royal Links Golf Club

Sept 19, 2020

8:30 SG

Play Day Chairs

Karen Huckabay and Nancy Lauback

Bears Best

Sept 26, 2020

$65 8am SG

Play Day Chairs

Margie Cashwell

Maggie Bowgren


Aug 30

7:45 SG

Fay Geddes


Mt. Falls

Pahrump, Nv

Sept 13

8 SG $50

Bears Best

Aug 6

Saturday $45

Margie Cashwell and Maggie Bowgren Chairpersons




Aug 16, 2020


Monica Fairbanks Chairperson

August Play Days

Bears Best

July 11, 2020


Bali Hai

7am SG

$75 with credit for $10 lunch

Bali Hai


Lai Rippee

July Play Days

Palm Valley

June 20, 2020



Las Vegas National

June 28, 2020



Canceled due to COVID - 19

June Play Days

Boulder Creek

May 30, 2020


Primm Valley Lakes

May 23, 2020


Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is 


Palm Valley

April 25, 2020

7:00 am SG



COVID-19 Restrictions

Hard Card Addendum


A flagstick must not be removed from the hole for any reason. A player who removes a flagstick from the hole will be given a warning. If that player removes a flagstick from a hole again it will be a 2-stroke penalty. Any player who commits this offense for a third time will be disqualified from the competition. The act of removing a flagstick will trigger these penalties regardless if the player realizes it and puts the flagstick back in the hole before they make their stroke.


For Tournaments not using live scoring.

Each player will keep their own official scorecard. Each player will have a marker in their group who oversees keeping track of all scores for the player they are assigned to as a marker. The player must sign their official scorecard, but the marker will not sign it. The Committee will require a verbal confirmation from the marker at the scoring table as to the validity of the player’s scores.


Rakes in bunkers are not available. A player whose ball comes to rest in a bunker will have to play the ball as it lies unless these situations arise:

  • Their ball comes to rest in a footprint.

  • Their ball comes to rest in an abnormal condition that was caused because the bunker was unable to be raked by a previous group.

If one of the two above situations occur, the player will be afforded two options. They can lift the ball and place it within one club length, no nearer to the hole from where their ball came to rest, in a spot where the bunker has not been altered. The player’s second option will be to mark the spot of the ball and lift it. They can then smooth over the area with their foot or equipment to eliminate the abnormal condition in the bunker and then place the ball back where it originally came to rest.

NOTE: Not all lies in a bunker will be good lies. The player must be virtually certain that their ball’s lie is affected by the inability to have rakes in that bunker. Just having a bad lie with no real evidence that the bad lie was caused by a previous group not being able to rake the area is not in itself grounds to lift the golf ball and proceed under of one of the two above options. For example, a ball that plugs in the bunker is not caused by not having rakes present. If a player’s ball plugs in the bunker they will have to play that ball as it lies and are not entitled to free relief in that instance.

Pace of Play:

The Tournament Committee understands that we may have more players who choose to walk the golf course to do their best to adhere to social distancing guidelines. While this is encouraged for anyone who wishes to do so walkers will be held to the same pace of play standards as every other player in the field.

edit text


April 11, 2020

7:30 am SG



April 18, 2020

7:30 am SG


"A bad attitude is Worse than a Bad Swing."

- Payne Stewart

March 29, 2020

7:30 SG

National Golf Course:

Round 2 Maary Smith Tournament


Revere Team Play canceled du to Covid-19.


"Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character."

- Arnold Palmer

Highland Falls: March 14, 2020

8am SG

Round 1 Maary Smith Tournament

32 Players Match Play

Beautiful Bears Best: March 7, 2020

8am Shot Gun

Hosted by Margie Cashwell and Maggie Bowgren

Highland Falls: February 22, 2020

Game: Odd Holes

Results: Golfers were rained out. The pot money was split among anyone that completed 18 holes.

Royal Links: February 16, 2020

Game: Criers and Whiners

Throw out the 2 worst holes and subtract 1/2 your handicap.


Highland Falls: January 25th, 2020

24 Players came out.

We played T's and F's and had 3 flights.

1st Flight​

1st Gross Danielle Kaylor             1st Net Donna Roush

2nd Gross Gail Chow                    2nd Net Ruth Carroll

2nd Flight

1st Gross Janet Veloz                    1st Net Lorna Daniels

2nd Gross Cindi Chittenden          2nd Net Xue Gao-Beuchler

3rd Flight

1st Gross Fay Geddes                   1st Net Millie Anderson

2nd Gross Robin Sharp                  2nd Net Connie Patterson

Mountain Falls: September 19th, 2019

Number of Golfers: 16

Game of the day: Criss/Cross

1st Flight

1st Place - Lorna Daniels 26.5

2nd Place - Christine Soscia 29 (card off)

3rd Place - Deb Koch 29 (card off)

2nd Flight

1st Place - Nancy Lauback 28.5

2nd Place - Shayna Bott 29 (card off)

3rd Place - Terry Howe 29 (card off)

Las Vegas National: August 18th, 2019

We had 28 ladies play and 25 ladies participate in the game of the day. The Game of the Day was add all odd number holes minus one half of your handicap.

Flights were named after the Billboard Top 100 hit songs in August from1960-1980:

Flight A: "Magic" Olivia Newton John 1980

1st Deb Koch- 35

2nd Danielle Kaylor- 35.5

3rd Monica Fairbanks- 36

Flight B: "Momma Told Me Not to Come" Three Dog Night 1970

1st Fay Geddes- 34 in card off

2nd Donna Roush- 34 in card off

3rd Laila Vasumaki- 35.5

Flight C: "It's Now or Never" Elvis Presley 1960

1st Shana Bott- 29.5

2nd Maureen Martin- 31

3rd Kelly Blakesleee- 35

Highland Falls

Highland Falls play day was an ABCD game. Each foursome made up a team with the combined handicap average from 22-23. The team with the lowest combined 2 net scores were as follows:

1st with 120

Kathy Faber combined avg 22.2

Nicole Nolan

Nancy Lauback

Sue Silcott

2nd with 124

Christine Soscia combined avg 23

Janet Veloz

Barb Ford

Maggie Bowgren (blind draw)

Bear's Best: July 13th, 2019

Game of the Day: " ONES", add holes 1,6,7,8,9,11,16,17,18 and subtract 1/2 of your handicap. 


1. Monica Fairbanks (33)

2. Margie Cashwell (34)

3. Gail Chow (34.5)

4. Theresa Prospero (37)

5. Rusty Beckel (37.5)


1. Barb Ford (31)

2. Nicole Nolan (36.5) Tie

3. Peggy Lair (36.5) Tie

4. Connie Patterson (38.5)

5. Maggie Bowgren (39.5)

National: May 19th, 2019

Number of Golfers: 24

Game of the Day: Pick either your front or back nine score minus 1/2 your handicap.

Windy Group:

First Place - Margie Cashwell 31

Second Place- Deb Koch 31.5

Third Place - Lai Rippee 33.5

Forth Place - Christine Soscia - 34.5

Windier Group

First Place - Tomoko Miyazono - 28.5

Second Place -Millie Anderson - 34

Third Place - June Nguyen - 34.5

Forth Place - Leila Vasumaki

Bear's Best: May 11th, 2019

Number of Golfers: 40

Game of the Day: Gross and Net

1st Flight – Gross

1st Place – Karen Herness

2nd Place – Rusty Beckel

1st Flight – Net

1st Place – Karen Huckabay

2nd Place – Sandy Barletta (card-off)

2nd Flight – Gross

1st Place – Theresa Summers

2nd Place – Nicole Nolan (card-off)

2nd Flight -Net

1st Place – Nancy Lauback (card-off)

2nd Place –Kathy Faber (card-off)

3rd Flight - Gross

1st Place – Cindi Chittenden

2nd Place – Gail Grundy

3rd Flight – Net

1st Place – Jill Paige

2nd Place –Rose Coker

Boulder City: May 4th, 2019

Our game of the day was Criss Cross and we had 20 participants.

Daffodil Flight:

1st Place Leila Vasumaki

2nd Place Rose Coker (card off)

3rd Place Terry Howe (card off)

Snapdragon Flight:

1st Place Karen Bernard

2nd Place Jan Hansen (card off)

3rd Place Theresa Summers (card off)

Palm Valley: April 20th, 2019

1st Flight . . . Bunnies

Karen Herness 1st Place

Brenda Asato 2nd Place

Kim Bazelle 3rd Place (card-off)

2nd Flight . . . Chicks

Deb Koch 1st Place

Leila Vasumaki 2nd Place

Gail Grundy 3rd Place

3rd Flight . . . Eggs (Good ones!)

Sue Silcott 1st Place

Millie Anderson 2nd Place

Rose Coker 3rd Place

Bear's Best: April 13th, 2019

Number of Golfers: 32

Game of the Day: Gross and Net

1st Flight – Gross

1st Place – Rusty Beckel – 80 (tie)

2nd Place – Karen Herness - 83

1st Flight – Net

1st Place – Karen Huckabay – 65 (tie for Gross)

2nd Place – Danielle Kaylor – 74 (tie)

2nd Flight – Gross

1st Place – Jan Hansen - 87

2nd Place – Ellen Guerra – 89 (TIE)

2nd Flight -Net

1st Place – Ruth Carrol – 71 (tie for 2nd Gross)

2nd Place –Nancy Lauback - 75

3rd Flight - Gross

1st Place – Bar Ford - 94

2nd Place – Nicole Nolan – 96(tie for 2nd Net)

3rd Flight – Net

1st Place – Tomoko Miyazono – 70 (tie for 2nd Gross)

2nd Place –Judy Gardner – 73 (tie)

Rhodes Ranch: April 6th, 2019

Number of Golfers: 32 Fun Day and Maary Smith Matches

Game of the Day: Tax Deduction Day: one par 3, one par 4, one par 5 minus full Hdcp.

First Flight KPMG

1st Place Net: Jessica Ng (53)

2nd Place Net: Lai Rippee (card off 3 ways, 54)

3rd Place Net: Gail Chow

4th Place Net: Maureen Coleman

Second Flight: Ernst & Young

1st Place Net: Karen Bernard (46)

2nd Place Net: Janet Veloz (47)

3rd Place Net: Jackie Pierson (50)

4th Place Net: Cindi Chittenden (53)

Third Flight: Deloitte

1st Place Net: Terry Howe (49)

2nd Place Net: Sam DeHart (51)

3rd Place Net: Gail Grundy ( card off two ways 53)

4th Place Net: Jill Paige (53)

Highland Falls: February 24th, 2019


First Place:           Theresa Prospero with a score of 34

Second Place:     Nancy Lauback with a score of 34.5

Third Place:         Lai Rippee with a score of 36

Fourth Place:       Karen Herness with a score of 36.5


First Place:           Nicole Nolan with a score of 35

Second Place:     Maggie Bowgren with a score 36.5

Third Place:         Tomoko Miyazono with a score of 38

Fourth Place:       Millie Anderson with a score of 39

Royal Links: February 16th, 2019

Number of Golfers: 39

Game of the day: Pick Your Best Nine Holes, minus ½ your handicap.

Pink Flight

1st Place Gail Chow 24.5

2nd Place Rusty Beckel 25.5

3rd Place Kim Bazzelle 26.5

Blue Flight

1st Place Lorna Daniels 26

2nd Place Monica Fairbanks 27 (card off)

3rd Place Christine Soscia 27 (card off)

Orange Flight

1st Place Barb Ford 24.5

2nd Place Nicole Nolan 25

3rd Place Nancy Lauback 25.5

Green Flight

1st Place Marcela Tannenbergova 23

2nd Place Rose Coker 26 (card off)

3rd Place Connie Patterson 26 (card off)

Bear's Best: February 9th, 2019

Number of Golfers: 32 plus 2 guests

Game of the Day: Gross and Net

1st Flight – Gross

1st Place – Karen Huckabay – 83

2nd Place – Debbie Love - 85

1st Flight – Net

1st Place – Audrey Jordan - 70

2nd Place – Gail Chow - 76

2nd Flight – Gross

1st Place – Kathy Faber - 93

2nd Place – Sue May – 96 Card-off

2nd Flight -Net

1st Place – Lorna Daniels – 74 Card-off

2nd Place –Nicole Nolan – 74 Card-off

3rd Flight - Gross

1st Place – Marcela Tannenbergova - 93

2nd Place – Angela Parker - 101

3rd Flight – Net

1st Place – Kathy Dunnuck - 73

2nd Place –Bonnie Steffen - 78

Chimera: January 27th, 2019

The game of the day was Even Steven. Add up all your even holes then divide by half your handicap.

Flight A

1st place - Peggy Gore - 30.5 (card off)

2nd place - Gabrielle Buonacorsi - 30.5

3rd place - Christine Soscia - 32

4th place - Tina Lipschutz - 33 (card off)

5th place - Kim Bazzelle - 33

Flight B

1st place - Kathy Faber - 31.5

2nd place - Theresa Summers - 32

3rd place - Maureen Coleman - 33

4th place - Nancy Lauback - 33.5 (card off)

5th place - Brenda Asato - 33.5

Flight C

1st place - Judy Gardner - 31

2nd place - Kathy Dunnuck - 31.5 (card off)

3rd place - Fay Geddes - 31.5

4th place - Angela Parker - 32

5th place - Tomoko Miyazona - 32.5

Highland Falls: January 19th, 2019

The game of the the day: Choose your best 9, front side or back side.


First Flight


1st Teresa Prospero 40

2nd Gail Chow 41


1st Jan Hansen 34

2nd Kathy Faber 34.5

Second Flight


1st Lorna Daniels 42

2nd 44 Nancy Lauback 44


1st Kathy Dunnuck 34.5 card off

2nd Cindi Chittenden

Third Flight


1st Rose Coker with a 43

2nd Judy Gardner with a 49


In a card off

1st Marcela Tannenborgova 33.5

2nd Jill Paige 33.5

Bear's Best: January 13th, 2019


GAME PLAYED: Gross and Net

First Flight:

1st Gross: Michelle Bradford

2nd Gross: My Paulsen (tie)

1st Net: Monica Fairbanks

2nd Net: Gail Chow (tie)

Second Flight:

1st Gross: Lorna Daniels

2nd Gross: Jan Hansen

1st Net: Janis Lunde

2nd Net: Barb Ford

Third Flight:

1st Gross: Teruko Szczepanski

2nd Gross: Tomoko Miyazono

1st Net: Shayna Bott

2nd Net: Mary Schweitzer

Mary Schweitzer had a hole-in-one on Hole #15. CONGRATULATIONS MARY!!

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