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If you are working or retired and want to golf with other women, this is your opportunity.  All ages and skill levels, from beginner to the veteran are welcome to join.

Our Objectives
Promote good fellowship among professional and business women through the game of Golf.  Be a member in good standing of the Women's Southern Nevada Golf Association (WSNGA).  Improve your golf skills and enhance knowledge of the rules of golf and golf etiquette.  Establish and maintain golf handicaps for its' members.  Facilitate networking in the business community.

Meet the Board

Welcome the new 2024-2025 Board Members

Robyn Otty Secretary

Robyn Otty Secretary Besides living in the St. Louis area, I have lived in Las Vegas for most of my adult life (since 1996). I am the Program Director for Hawai`i Pacific University's Doctor of Occupational Therapy hybrid program. I could always swing a club at the golf range, but just recently started transitioning my skills to the golf course. I have found the SNGABW group accommodating to my work-life schedule and personally fulfilling.


President Linda Berardo My husband, Joe and I retired here in late 2014 from Oklahoma.  We both had careers at the University of Oklahoma as administrators and Joe was also an Adjunct Professor of Aviation.  I love the year-round golfing here.  We also love the availability of world class food and entertainment.  I learned to play when I was young and took a break but started back full force after retirement.  I enjoy the variety of courses and people I've met through SNGABW.  Good, fun people.


Vice President Suzanne Desmarais Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, I made my way to the US via The Bay Area, ending up in Las Vegas in 2002. With an accounting background, I have had a variety of accounting and sales positions, and am currently VP & GM of Mr. Bill's, a Las Vegas born (1980) retail chain. I love to play golf and was thrilled when I found SNGABW, a group of likeminded women who also enjoy the game of golf AND have fun!

Nolan, N

Treasurer Nicole Nolan I am a native of Las Vegas (born and raised here).  I have my own company as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and specialize in accounting/bookkeeping for small business and nonprofits.

Chow, G

Gail Chow WSNGA Representative I am a retired L.A. school teacher.  (AD, PE K-12) I've been at this game or about 60 years (I should be better).  I play regularly at Los Prados with their ladies golf association.  I appreciate and enjoy the camaraderie of the SNGABW- always wonderfully organized play dates. and games!


Kathy Faber Tournament Play Day Chair I started playing golf about 45 years ago when I worked at the Tropicana Country Club.  I took off 30 years to mother and work.  In retirement, I have found a new chapter in my life with SNGABW.  I love the ladies and the game of golf.  Trying to keep in touch with my computer skills I took the job of Play Day Chair, learning as much as I can using Golf Genius.


Hard Card

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