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Busine​ss Women!

Time for  Jingle Balls 2023

Members:  Collect your clothes for the shelters, food for food banks and Gifts for prizes.


September 6th Rhodes Ranch, $45,  20 players

September 10 Coyote Springs 8:30 Tee Times

September 12-14 Silver Cup North

September 24 Wild Horse $60, General Meeting, 32 Players


August 6 Bear's Best

August 20 Highland Falls

August 27 Las Vegas National. 

               General Meeting 

Congratulations SNGABW Team Play

     The BW team had another successful season going undefeated and taking first place in the Blue Division for Overall. It was a season where we endured snow, rain, dust, wind, injuries and tough opponents. We met wonderful women from other teams, we banded together as a team to get the job done, we became better golfers and made many memorable memories. I will never forget the look on Nicole’s face when I told her she had a shot out of the water. The video of Nicole hitting the ball out of the water is posted on the website.

     To this amazing team, I just want to say, it has been an absolute joy and an honor to be your captain for the past 3 years. To Margie, my co-captain, I would not do this without you! Oh yeah, apparently we are doing this again in 2024 😊.

     Thank you to Kim Bazelle, Linda Berardo, Brittany Bronson, Gabriele Buonacorsi, Margie Cashwell, Kathy Faber, Karen Huckabay, Audrey Jordan, Danielle Kaylor, Nancy Lauback, Nicole Nolan, Donna Roush, Theresa Summers and Lisa Wiley – your 2023 BW team – for making this team great.

If you are interested in playing and or want more information about team play, please contact anyone on the team for more information.

Our New 2023 Club Champion

Brittany Bronson reclaims Club Champion 2023.  It was a tough two day battle but wins it with a two stroke lead over Ronda Henderson.

2023 Club Champion 

Overall Gross 

Brittany Bronson 

75-76  151

2023 Overall Net

Kathy Faber

88-82  138

Flighted Gross and Net Winners

Gold Flight

Gross Winner

Ronda Henderson

77-76  153

Gold Flight 

Net Winner

Nicole Nolan

68-71  139

Silver Flight

Gross Winner

Karen Bernard

88-86  174

Picture Coming

Silver Flight

Net Winner

Trinh Kost

73-73  146

Picture Coming

Bronze Flight

Gross Winner

Monica Fairbanks

96-95  191

Bronze Flight

Net Winner

June Nguyen

75-69  144

Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!

Repeat Repeat Repeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 2023 BW team had another successful season. With the last match of the regular season against Painted Desert on Tuesday, May 23, the team remains undefeated for 3 seasons. Eight of the team members traveled to Mesquite Monday night and enjoyed a delicious meal together to get ready for a season ending match the next day. On the line was our 26-0-1 record and the team came ready to battle for another win.

The team took 20.5 points against Painted Desert, however, the matches were closer than the score reflects. The match of Team 1, Margie and Christine, was tight until they had back to back birdies on the front nine. Going to the back nine, they continued to win holes and sealed 5 ½ points by winning the last hole. Team 2, Karen and Linda, with a birdie and 10 pars were able to take 6 points. Team 3, Kathy and Donna, had fun playing against a BW member and with 7 pars they were able to add 5 ½ points to the team total. Team 4, Lisa and Nancy, “ham and egged” it all match and with 6 pars added 3 ½ points.

The stellar play by all 15 team members throughout the season has crowned us Blue Division Overall Winners once again. The Overall Champion will be determined on June 8 at Boulder Creek against a very tough team, Boulder City Rock Steady. This will be the third year in a row we will battle BC for Overall Champion.

The 2023 BW team includes: Kim Bazelle, Linda Berardo, Brittany Bronson, Gabriele Bounacorsi, Margie Cashwell, Kathy Faber, Karen Huckabay, Audrey Jordan, Danielle Kaylor, Nancy Lauback, Nicole Nolan, Donna Roush, Christine Soscia, Theresa Summers, Lisa Wiley.

If you are interested in playing and or learning more about team play, please contract Margie Cashwell, Christine Soscia, any team member or anyone on the BW board.

From Left to right:  Kathy Faber, Lisa Wiley, Nancy Lauback, Linda Berardo, Donna Roush, Margie Cashwell, Karen Huckabay, Christine Soscia


New 2023 Maary Smith Winner

Theresa Prospero

The Maary Smith Founder Memorial Tournament has finally come to an end.  It was a hard fought battle between Theresa Prospero and Shayna Bott.  Shayna gave Theresa a run for her money, but Theresa prevailed.  Theresa said she has never won the Maary Smith before, but had participated in the finals 4 times.  

May 21, Maary Smith Champion will be determined!! Las Vegas National, between Theresa Prospero and Shayna Bott!!!!!  Stay tuned!!

May 2023

May 1 Painted Desert Invitational

May 2 Sun City Eagle Crest Invitational

May 6 Las Vegas Golf Club

May 8 Team Play 

May 13 Coyote Springs

May 15-16 So Nv Amateur /Silver Cup

May 18-20 Anthem Member Guest

May 21 Las Vegas National

May 23 Blue Team Team Play

May 31 Rhodes Ranch

Team Play

It wasn’t easy but the team rose to the occasion once again and got it done against a tough Red Rock

team. With today’s win, the team gets closer to sealing another winning season. Team 1, Brittany and Danielle, had to give up 7 strokes and battled the whole match and in the end split points, 3-3. Team 2, Gabriele and Margie, won the first hole and never looked back. Two birdies by Gabriele and 7 pars by Margie led to taking all 6 points. Team 3, Theresa and Nicole, remained steady with a birdie by Theresa and 6 pars by Nicole added 4 points to the total. Team 4, Lisa and Nancy, gave up 5 strokes and managed to take 1 ½ points for a team total of 14 ½ points.

  There is one more match in the season. We have a 16 ½ point lead over the next contender. The team needs to take 10 ½ points in the next match to end the season undefeated.Hats off to this amazing team. While the roster isn’t big, it’s mighty and when asked to play, every

player is ready to give it their best. I am so honored to have a great co-captain, Margie Cashwell, and the most wonderful women on this team. If you are interested in team play, please reach out to Margie, myself or any member of the team.


From lft to rt: Margie Cashwell, Danielle Kaylor, Lisa Wiley, Nancy Lauback, Theresa Summers, Gabriele Buonacorsi, Nicole Nolan, and Britany Bronson.

This is why we're No. 1!

Team Play April 24,2023, Palm Valley

Lft to Rt

Margie Cashwell, Kathy Faber, Danielle Kaylor, Nancy Lauback, Christine Soscia, Lisa Wiley, Nicole Nolan, Donna Roush

Highly anticipated match of the season…………………

As expected, our match on 4/24 against a tough Canyon Gate team was tough, competitive and a lot of fun. Going into the match, we held an eleven point lead for first place overall. The team needed to play well and take as many points as possible. We knew we were going to have to fight for every point as the matches were very even. Team 1, Danielle Kaylor and Margie Cashwell, got off to a slow start but went to the back 9 with fire. They recorded 1 birdie and 15 pars to take 4 points. Nicole Nolan, team 2, along with playing partner Christine Soscia, took off her socks and shoes and hit a ball out of the water to 10 feet from the pin. With 3 birdies and 13 pars, sinking a long putt on 9 to win the hole and parring the last hole to win the hole, team 2 took 4 points. Team 3, Lisa Wiley and Kathy Faber, took their match down to the last hole and with a par secured 4 points for the team. Congrats on a birdie and 6 pars team 3. Team 4, Donna Roush and Nancy Lauback, ran into a team that was sinking 30 foot putts all day. With a birdie and 8 pars they took half a point to lead the team to a total of 12 1/2 points. We remain 11 points ahead of second for overall with two matches to go.

Our next match is May 8 against second place overall, Red Rock. If the team continues to do well, they should secure a spot in the championship round.

Team play is so exciting, you meet the most wonderful people, develop lasting friendships and have a ton of fun. If you are interested in learning and or playing on the team, please reach out to Margie Cashwell, Christine Soscia or any of the many team members. All handicaps are welcome, you are not required to play every match and, if possible, you will always play with a veteran player.  

Nicole - No shoes/socks on, feet in the muddy water to save a stroke since Captain Soscia convinced me to hit it. Things we do for team play! 👊

Team Play 2023

The gap has grown! 

The team trend continued on 4/10 as our 8 players had an outstanding day of golf taking 23 ½ points in the match. With three matches to go, we have a 16 point lead on the next contender in overall points. The weather was ideal for scoring. Collectively the team had 43 pars along with several clutch putts to overtake a tough Boulder City team. The roster for this match included Gabriele, Margie, Kim, Linda, Christine, Kathy, Donna, Nancy.

Our next match is April 24 against Canyon Gate at Palm Valley. We anticipate a fun competitive match and hope that our winning trend continues.

If you are interested in playing and or would like more team play information, please reach out to Margie Cashwell, Christine Soscia or any of the team members.  

Maary Smith Continues....

We started with 32 players and we are almost to the last four to play.  We have one twosome to battle it out for the semi finals. 

To learn more about Maary Smith, click here.


BW Spring Trip

Lake Havasu April 1-2

Maary Smith 2023

Results Round 2 Maary Smith 

Palm Valley

March 19, 2023

Team Play 2023

Results from Las Vegas Golf Club - 

Birdies, lots of pars, chip ins, critical putts and overall great play propels the team into first place. The trends continued with unseasonal cold weather and excellent play by all 8 players. The team captured 20 points on Monday as Kathy Faber had two chip in birdies and sunk two long putts to win holes. Her playing partner, Nancy who had 6 pars in the match, said Kathy was amazing to watch. They took all 6 points. Team One, Margie and Theresa, both birdied the eighth hole to go on and take 4 ½ points. Team two, Linda and Christine, had 10 pars and sunk a critical putt on the last hole to take 4 ½ points. Great bunker play and a birdie by Karen and 7 pars by Nicole, helped team three take 5 points.

We are halfway through the season and if the good play trend continues, we should have another winning season. If you are interested in learning and or playing fun competitive golf, please reach out to Margie Cashwell, Christine Soscia or any of the team members. Team play is open to everyone.Team Play 

Match 4 Canyon Gate

March 13

We were blessed with great weather on 3/13/2023 and the team soaked in the heat as they heated it up on the golf course against a tough Wildhorse team.  With sizzling hot play by the first team, Brittany and Margie getting a 3 birdie lead  taking all 6 points.  Karen, second team with Christine, was on fire shooting an 85 to take 3 1/2 points.  The third team of Lisa and Nicole, had to give up 10 strokes but stayed focused and added 3 points.  The fourth team, Donna and Nancy, had to give 10 strokes, and took 2 1/2 points to help the team total of 15.  With this win today, the team has moved into second place Overall.  We are only 11 points behind Oasis who still has a Bye week.  With 5 matches left in the season, the team is playing well and is perfectly positioned to have another successful season.  

If you are interested in playing Team (everyone is welcome) and would like additional information, please contact Margie Cashwell or Christine Soscia.

Match 3

February 288,th

Boulder Creek

If you are interested in learning more about Team Play, please contact Margie Cashwell or Christine Soscia.

L to R:  Nicole Nolan, Karen Huckabay, Christine Soscia, Theresa Summers. Gabriele Bonacorsi, Lisa Wiley, Danielle Kaylor

Photo Bomb Juliet Hebert!!!!

What I enjoy most about team play is, it isn't just on you!  Audrey was my partner and i did contribute on a few holes, but Audrey was the star!   Kathy Faber

"Being a part of Team Play the last few years has been a great opportunity to get to know other women golfers from around the Las Vegas area. Team Play has also helped me personally to grow and improve my golf skills and knowledge. Team competition is so fun since you have a partner to strategize with and work together to win your match and to help the entire Team to win. For me personally it has been a "win/win" experience. " Nancy Lauback

Team Play 2023

February 15, 2023

Since the players who represented the BW today have all played multiple seasons, we thought it would be fun to wear a "vintage" shirt.  Like past seasons, the team came to play today against a tough Oasis team in extremely challenging conditions.  With a total of 9 pars and a birdie, team Audrey and Kathy took all 6 points.  Team Donna and Nancy added 5 1/2 points with a total of 7 pars.  Team Karen and Christine contributed 2 points with a total of 10 pars and 1 birdie. Team Margie and Theresa, with 9 pars, played well but ran into very hot players.

The next match is Feb 27th against Chimera Silver at Boulder Creek.

If you are interested in learning more about team play, please contact Margie Cashwell or Christine Soscia.



(Golf Etiquette)

Unlike many sports, golf is played, for the most part, without the supervision of a referee or umpire.  The game relies on the integrity of the individual to show consideration for other players and to abide by the Rules.  All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they may be.

New Rules 2023 approved by USGA and SNGA Jan 24, 2023

New Hard Card for Local Rules, SNGA

Holiday Party 2022

Eagle Crest

Jingle Balls 2022

Thank You

A special thank you to SNGABW members and friends whose generosity, time and talent made this a success.  Without your tireless efforts to solicit donations, make raffle baskets and be willing to volunteer when needed, we would not be able to deliver a quality tournament. 


Positively Kids.   Refuge for Women.   Little Miss Hannah Foundation    Safe Nest    Shade Tree

Results are in for the

 Sierra Nevada Cup

October 23, 2022

Highland Falls

A Big Thank You to 

All the Team Captains

Linda Berardo, Juliet Hebert, Terry Cleary

Fall Trip 2022

Wigwam Resort

Phoenix, Arizona 

Sept ​17-18


Congratulations to our 2022 Club Champions!

Whoa!! We did it again!!

Overall Team Champions!!

Maary Smith Founders Tournament Winner 2022:

Yoshie Masuda

Juliet Hebert- Runner Up Maary Smith 2022

Theresa Summers

 Out going Maary Smith

receiving her replacement trophy Champion 2021

An exciting start to the Maary Smith Championship Finals!

WSNGA Senior/Mid Amateur

Spring Trip 2022

Laughlin, Nevada

El Rio Mojave Valley

Laughlin Ranch Bullhead City

5 Weeks of Match Play over a 10 week period, our Maary Smith Founder's Tournament will be played out May 8th at Bear's Best.  

Congratulations to our two finalists 

Juliet Hebert and Yoshie Masuda.  


April 4th, 2022

It was an 80 plus degree beautiful day as the sunscreen was sprayed on those winter legs.  Today's match against the first place overall team, Las Vegas Muni, proved to be as tough as expected.  Our first team, Brittany Bronson and Gabriele Buonacorsi, together racked up 23 pars and took 4 1/2 points.  Congrats to Brittany for shooting a 75.  Team two Danielle Kaylor and Margie Cashwell, had some excitement when Margie chipped in from 50 yards out for a birdie and added another birdie by sinking a 20' putt.  Danielle add to the birdie list as well.  They took 2 1/2 points.  Team three Kim Bazzelle and Theresa Summers, added to our overall score with 1/2 points.  Team four, Donna , on a par 3 landed the ball 6' from the pin and rolled in the putt for a birdie.  Christine assisted with 4 pars in a row.  Collectively, the team took 13 1/2 points moving them into first place overall by one point.  Our next match is April 18 against Chimera at Muni.


Maary Smith 

Founders Tournament

Next Game:

April 2nd

Painted Desert


Birdies and Eagles, Oh my!  Read all about our Team in game 5.

From Lft to Rght:

Brittany Bronson, Donna Roush, Lisa Wiley, Karen Huckabay, Margie Cashwell, Danielle Kaylor, Nicole Nolan, and Nancy Lauback.

Maary Smith Founders Tournament 

Congratulations to all of our winners of the 3rd Round of the Maary Smith Founders Tournament.  

Our next round will take place at Las Vegas Golf Club, April 16.  

Team Play 2022

​Business Women vs Sun City Summerlin

Round 3 at Bear's brought strong winds and cold temperatures but that didn't seem to phase the team as they took 22 1/2 points.  

Team 1 Margie and Gabriele, made a statement early with a birdie on the first hole.  A few more birdies in the match lead them taking 4 1/2 points.

Team 2 Theresa S and Karen killed it as they won 14 holes gross and 12 holes net.  They took all 6 points.

Team 3 Donna R and Christine, took all six points as Donna rolled in a 30 foot putt for a birdie on the last hole.

Team 4 Nancy ad Trinh , gave up the first hole but on the second hole the rookie Trinh sunk a putt for a birdie and that led to them taking all 6 points.

With today's success, the team is back in first place overall.

From left to Right: Karen Huckabay, Theresa Summers, Nancy Lauback , Margie Cashwell, Trinh Kern, Christine Soscia, and Donna Roush. Not pictured Gabriele Buonacorsi 

2021 Overall Champions

Team Play News:  

The season kicked off on 1/24 at Red Rock Country Club.  The weather was absolutely delightful for golf and everyone was ready to defend our title.  The BW played one of the new teams, Conestoga from Mesquite.  We sent our 7 veterans and one rookie and they got it done.  The team took 23.5 points out of 24.

Congrats to Kim Bazzelle and Karen Huckabay who both shot a 75.  Flawless!

I was fortunate to play with Huck and watched her sink two 25+ putts for birdies which led our team to taking 6 points.  Unbeknownst to me, Danielle hurt her ankle the day before yet played and played well with Margie, they took 5.5 points.  Our rookie, Donna Roush, played lights out after ditching the early round jitters.  Nicole said they kept saying "limit the damage" and took all 6 points.  After turning off her heated vest, Theresa Summers turned up the heat on the course and they took 6 points.

Next match is 2/7 at Chimera against BC Dam.  


(Christine promises at least 1 picture next time)

Coming in March:

Maary Smith Founders Tournament

A 5 round Bracketed Tournament

Number of Players             Course

32@ Bear's Best March 6th $75

16@ Club Sunrise March 19 $45

8@ Painted Desert April 2 $60

4@ Las Vegas Muni April 16 $54

2@ Bears Best May 8th $75

Winner of the 2021 

Maary Smith Tournament

Theresa Summers

Trinh Kern

Most Improved Golfer 


About me.  I started playing golf 8 years ago, my first 18 hole score was 164 at Apple Mountain Golf Course in California.  Golf really makes my life much more fun and interesting.  Before golf I had no hobby or fun thing I enjoyed to do.  I'm an accountant working in an office; golf gives me something to look forward to on the weekend.Being outside on green grass and socializing with other golfers are great.  Im grateful for the league and honor to win the 2021 most improved golfer.

     I'm also grateful to live in the US where common people can afford to play golf.  When I grew up in Vietnam, there were only one or two courses in the country and only super rich people can play the game.


Holiday Party 

Eagle Crest

December 18

F​or more pictures of the Holiday Party please go to photo gallery.

SNGABW MEMBERS, Jingle Balls Participants and Donors, we are honored and blessed to be able to present Cash, Clothing, and Can Good donations to our 2021 Annual Jingle Balls Tournament Charity Recipients.  In total, we were able to raise almost $20,000.  Thank you all for your donations, Time, and work to help our local communities and children that are in need.

                      Nancy Lauback

Not pictured:  Children's Heart Foundation of Nevada

Beth Lafferty accepting for Little Miss Hannah Foundation

Marilyn LoPresti- Marketing and Development Lead, accepting for Safe Nest

Gina Strong accepting for Shade Tree

For more pictures of Jingle Balls 2021, please go to photo gallery!



Congratulations Silver Team 2021

Sierra Nevada Cup!

November 13, Highland Falls

November 21, Las Vegas National

Sierra Nevada Cup Format

SNGABW provides All women in Southern Nevada an opportunity to socialize and play golf at various golf courses in the area, to participate in special golf events including Team Play, Match Play, Club Championship, State Tournaments and the activities of the Women's Southern Nevada Golf Association.

Congratulations!!  BW Team Play 2021 

Overall Champions, 

More shared pictures of Club Championship 2021


2021 Club Championship

Click the link below to see complete PDF results of CC 2021

Congratulations to Janet Trimmer for her Hole in One!

Congratulations to Rhonda Gross for her Hole in One!

Mary Smith Winner 2021

Theresa Summers

COVID-19 Restrictions

Hard Card Addendum


A flagstick must not be removed from the hole for any reason. A player who removes a flagstick from the hole will be given a warning. If that player removes a flagstick from a hole again it will be a 2-stroke penalty. Any player who commits this offense for a third time will be disqualified from the competition. The act of removing a flagstick will trigger these penalties regardless if the player realizes it and puts the flagstick back in the hole before they make their stroke.


For Tournaments not using live scoring.

Each player will keep their own official scorecard. Each player will have a marker in their group who oversees keeping track of all scores for the player they are assigned to as a marker. The player must sign their official scorecard, but the marker will not sign it. The Committee will require a verbal confirmation from the marker at the scoring table as to the validity of the player’s scores.


Rakes in bunkers are not available. A player whose ball comes to rest in a bunker will have to play the ball as it lies unless these situations arise:

  • Their ball comes to rest in a footprint.

  • Their ball comes to rest in an abnormal condition that was caused because the bunker was unable to be raked by a previous group.

If one of the two above situations occur, the player will be afforded two options. They can lift the ball and place it within one club length, no nearer to the hole from where their ball came to rest, in a spot where the bunker has not been altered. The player’s second option will be to mark the spot of the ball and lift it. They can then smooth over the area with their foot or equipment to eliminate the abnormal condition in the bunker and then place the ball back where it originally came to rest.

NOTE: Not all lies in a bunker will be good lies. The player must be virtually certain that their ball’s lie is affected by the inability to have rakes in that bunker. Just having a bad lie with no real evidence that the bad lie was caused by a previous group not being able to rake the area is not in itself grounds to lift the golf ball and proceed under of one of the two above options. For example, a ball that plugs in the bunker is not caused by not having rakes present. If a player’s ball plugs in the bunker they will have to play that ball as it lies and are not entitled to free relief in that instance.

Pace of Play:

The Tournament Committee understands that we may have more players who choose to walk the golf course to do their best to adhere to social distancing guidelines. While this is encouraged for anyone who wishes to do so walkers will be held to the same pace of play standards as every other player in the field.

Check out our own member Tracey Blake's Blog:

There is something for everyone!

Karen Herness Most Improved Golfer 2020

Congratulations Karen Herness!

This terrific golfer managed to drop her handicap from an 8 to a 4 over the 2020 year. We can all appreciate what a feat that is. Karen has called herself a "very passionate golfer and the first thing after moving to Las Vegas was to seek out places to play golf." Karen belongs to several clubs and enjoys the social aspect but really enjoys the competitive aspect.

Karen wears many hats. Besides being an avid golfer, Karen serves as the President of the Women's Southern Nevada Golf Association, shares role of Captain for the Southern Nevada Silver Cup Team, and is the Team Captain for one of Chimera's Team Play teams. Karen takes all of her roles seriously and hopes to bring the same dedication to help all women in Las Vegas.  

Congratulations to 


SNGABW 2021 Club Champion Gross with a 156.

Club Champion Net, Theresa Prospero 139.

Most Improved Golfer 2019

Marcela Tannenbergova

I consider myself a golf-aholic. Over the past 16 years, I've participated in various golf clubs and leagues all over the country. Since living here in Las Vegas, I play as much golf as I can and I enjoy volunteering as a coach/trainer at Jennifer Alexander's LPGA/USGA Girls Golf School. I enjoy playing with SNGABW and appreciate the acknowledgment of my handicap dropping by awarding me the Most Improved Golfer for the 2019 year.

Christmas Party: December 14th, 2019 Eagle Crest GC

We have 26 members signed up for our annual Christmas Party.

Save the date: December 14th, Eagle Crest GC, 9:00 AM shotgun start. The cost is $50 for golf and lunch, or $15.00 lunch only, $35.00 golf only.

PLEASE SIGN UP NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 6th and include your choice of golf and lunch or lunch/golf only.

Payment is to be mailed to Nicole Nolan at: 718 Nickleby Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89123. If paying by check please make payable to SNGABW.

We have a fun day planned including Beat the Pro. Everyone receives a free round of golf at Eagle Crest just for participating. If you Beat the Pro you will also receive a shirt of your choice from the Golf Shop.

Lunch will be served after golf in the Pinnacle Room upstairs at Eagle Crest.

We hope that you can join us to celebrate the Holiday Season and for a fun day of friends, food, and golf.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Golf Happy!

Jingle Balls: November 19th, 2019

Club Championship: June 1st & 2nd, 2019