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December Calendar
December 7 Chimera Invitational
December 9 Boulder City $49 Tee Times
December 13th Rhodes Ranch $60 Tee Times
December 16th Holiday Party 8:30 Eagle Crest

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Jingle Balls 2023

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Jingle Balls 2023


November 2023

1   Wildhorse Invitational

5   Palm Valley, 7:30 SG $60

18 Las Vegas Golf Club , $52, Tee Times

28 Jingle Balls

First a big THANK YOU to Team Captains Fay Geddes, Silver Team, and Linda Prujan Blue Team.  Silver Team pulled off the win in the second round fighting in cold and windy weather.  Blue tried to make a comeback but fell short by 6 points.

Silver Team WINS the
2023 Sierra Nevada Cup!!

Silver Team:  Deb Koch, Cristy Esposo, Camille Slonim, Theresa Prospero, Tiffini Phu, Juliet Hebert, Verna Huiskamp, Connie Hill, Maureen Martin, Barb Russell, Fay Geddes Monica Fairbanks, London Swinney, Sue Lavey, Judy Gardner, Rhonda Gross, Millie Anderson, Lisa Im-Trautner.


Thank you Blue Team for all your efforts, especially on the last day at Painted Desert: Ronda Henderson, Kathy Faber, Laura Kennedy, Maureen Coleman, Gail Chow, Nancy Lauback, Linda Prujan, Madonna Beattie, Shayna Bott, Suzanne Desmarais, Terri Mullin, Yuna Sakamoto, Barb Ford, Wendy Deutsch, Theresa Summers, Marcella Tannenbergova, Ada Cheung, Connie Patterson, and Nicole Nolan.


Sierra Nevada Cup Round 1
Los Prados
October 21, 2023


October 8th Primm, $65, 8 am SG
October 17  Boulder City Invitational
October 21 Los Prados Rd one Sierra Nevada.                          Cup $45, 7:30 SG
October 29 Painted Desert Rd two Sierra                                  Nevada Cup
October 30-31 Su City Invitational


Time for  Jingle Balls 2023

Members:  Collect your clothes for the shelters, food for food banks and Gifts for prizes.

Congratulations SNGABW Team Play

     The BW team had another successful season going undefeated and taking first place in the Blue Division for Overall. It was a season where we endured snow, rain, dust, wind, injuries and tough opponents. We met wonderful women from other teams, we banded together as a team to get the job done, we became better golfers and made many memorable memories. I will never forget the look on Nicole’s face when I told her she had a shot out of the water. The video of Nicole hitting the ball out of the water is posted on the website.

     To this amazing team, I just want to say, it has been an absolute joy and an honor to be your captain for the past 3 years. To Margie, my co-captain, I would not do this without you! Oh yeah, apparently we are doing this again in 2024 😊.

     Thank you to Kim Bazelle, Linda Berardo, Brittany Bronson, Gabriele Buonacorsi, Margie Cashwell, Kathy Faber, Karen Huckabay, Audrey Jordan, Danielle Kaylor, Nancy Lauback, Nicole Nolan, Donna Roush, Theresa Summers and Lisa Wiley – your 2023 BW team – for making this team great.

If you are interested in playing and or want more information about team play, please contact anyone on the team for more information.

Our New 2023 Club Champion

Brittany Bronson reclaims Club Champion 2023.  It was a tough two day battle but wins it with a two stroke lead over Ronda Henderson.

2023 Club Champion 

Overall Gross 

Brittany Bronson 

75-76  151

2023 Overall Net

Kathy Faber

88-82  138

Flighted Gross and Net Winners

Gold Flight

Gross Winner

Ronda Henderson

77-76  153

Gold Flight 

Net Winner

Nicole Nolan

68-71  139

Silver Flight

Gross Winner

Karen Bernard

88-86  174

Picture Coming

Silver Flight

Net Winner

Trinh Kost


73-73  146

Picture Coming

Bronze Flight

Gross Winner

Monica Fairbanks

96-95  191

Bronze Flight

Net Winner

June Nguyen

75-69  144

Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!

Repeat Repeat Repeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 2023 BW team had another successful season. With the last match of the regular season against Painted Desert on Tuesday, May 23, the team remains undefeated for 3 seasons. Eight of the team members traveled to Mesquite Monday night and enjoyed a delicious meal together to get ready for a season ending match the next day. On the line was our 26-0-1 record and the team came ready to battle for another win.

The team took 20.5 points against Painted Desert, however, the matches were closer than the score reflects. The match of Team 1, Margie and Christine, was tight until they had back to back birdies on the front nine. Going to the back nine, they continued to win holes and sealed 5 ½ points by winning the last hole. Team 2, Karen and Linda, with a birdie and 10 pars were able to take 6 points. Team 3, Kathy and Donna, had fun playing against a BW member and with 7 pars they were able to add 5 ½ points to the team total. Team 4, Lisa and Nancy, “ham and egged” it all match and with 6 pars added 3 ½ points.

The stellar play by all 15 team members throughout the season has crowned us Blue Division Overall Winners once again. The Overall Champion will be determined on June 8 at Boulder Creek against a very tough team, Boulder City Rock Steady. This will be the third year in a row we will battle BC for Overall Champion.

The 2023 BW team includes: Kim Bazelle, Linda Berardo, Brittany Bronson, Gabriele Bounacorsi, Margie Cashwell, Kathy Faber, Karen Huckabay, Audrey Jordan, Danielle Kaylor, Nancy Lauback, Nicole Nolan, Donna Roush, Christine Soscia, Theresa Summers, Lisa Wiley.

If you are interested in playing and or learning more about team play, please contract Margie Cashwell, Christine Soscia, any team member or anyone on the BW board.

From Left to right:  Kathy Faber, Lisa Wiley, Nancy Lauback, Linda Berardo, Donna Roush, Margie Cashwell, Karen Huckabay, Christine Soscia

New 2023 Maary Smith Winner
Theresa Prospero

The Maary Smith Founder Memorial Tournament has finally come to an end.  It was a hard fought battle between Theresa Prospero and Shayna Bott.  Shayna gave Theresa a run for her money, but Theresa prevailed.  Theresa said she has never won the Maary Smith before, but had participated in the finals 4 times.  

May 21, Maary Smith Champion will be determined!! Las Vegas National, between Theresa Prospero and Shayna Bott!!!!!  Stay tuned!!

May 2023

May 1 Painted Desert Invitational

May 2 Sun City Eagle Crest Invitational

May 6 Las Vegas Golf Club

May 8 Team Play 

May 13 Coyote Springs

May 15-16 So Nv Amateur /Silver Cup

May 18-20 Anthem Member Guest

May 21 Las Vegas National

May 23 Blue Team Team Play

May 31 Rhodes Ranch

Team Play

It wasn’t easy but the team rose to the occasion once again and got it done against a tough Red Rock

team. With today’s win, the team gets closer to sealing another winning season. Team 1, Brittany and Danielle, had to give up 7 strokes and battled the whole match and in the end split points, 3-3. Team 2, Gabriele and Margie, won the first hole and never looked back. Two birdies by Gabriele and 7 pars by Margie led to taking all 6 points. Team 3, Theresa and Nicole, remained steady with a birdie by Theresa and 6 pars by Nicole added 4 points to the total. Team 4, Lisa and Nancy, gave up 5 strokes and managed to take 1 ½ points for a team total of 14 ½ points.

  There is one more match in the season. We have a 16 ½ point lead over the next contender. The team needs to take 10 ½ points in the next match to end the season undefeated.Hats off to this amazing team. While the roster isn’t big, it’s mighty and when asked to play, every

player is ready to give it their best. I am so honored to have a great co-captain, Margie Cashwell, and the most wonderful women on this team. If you are interested in team play, please reach out to Margie, myself or any member of the team.


From lft to rt: Margie Cashwell, Danielle Kaylor, Lisa Wiley, Nancy Lauback, Theresa Summers, Gabriele Buonacorsi, Nicole Nolan, and Britany Bronson.

This is why we're No. 1!

Team Play April 24,2023, Palm Valley

Lft to Rt

Margie Cashwell, Kathy Faber, Danielle Kaylor, Nancy Lauback, Christine Soscia, Lisa Wiley, Nicole Nolan, Donna Roush

Highly anticipated match of the season…………………

As expected, our match on 4/24 against a tough Canyon Gate team was tough, competitive and a lot of fun. Going into the match, we held an eleven point lead for first place overall. The team needed to play well and take as many points as possible. We knew we were going to have to fight for every point as the matches were very even. Team 1, Danielle Kaylor and Margie Cashwell, got off to a slow start but went to the back 9 with fire. They recorded 1 birdie and 15 pars to take 4 points. Nicole Nolan, team 2, along with playing partner Christine Soscia, took off her socks and shoes and hit a ball out of the water to 10 feet from the pin. With 3 birdies and 13 pars, sinking a long putt on 9 to win the hole and parring the last hole to win the hole, team 2 took 4 points. Team 3, Lisa Wiley and Kathy Faber, took their match down to the last hole and with a par secured 4 points for the team. Congrats on a birdie and 6 pars team 3. Team 4, Donna Roush and Nancy Lauback, ran into a team that was sinking 30 foot putts all day. With a birdie and 8 pars they took half a point to lead the team to a total of 12 1/2 points. We remain 11 points ahead of second for overall with two matches to go.

Our next match is May 8 against second place overall, Red Rock. If the team continues to do well, they should secure a spot in the championship round.

Team play is so exciting, you meet the most wonderful people, develop lasting friendships and have a ton of fun. If you are interested in learning and or playing on the team, please reach out to Margie Cashwell, Christine Soscia or any of the many team members. All handicaps are welcome, you are not required to play every match and, if possible, you will always play with a veteran player.  

Nicole - No shoes/socks on, feet in the muddy water to save a stroke since Captain Soscia convinced me to hit it. Things we do for team play! 👊

Team Play 2023

The gap has grown! 


The team trend continued on 4/10 as our 8 players had an outstanding day of golf taking 23 ½ points in the match. With three matches to go, we have a 16 point lead on the next contender in overall points. The weather was ideal for scoring. Collectively the team had 43 pars along with several clutch putts to overtake a tough Boulder City team. The roster for this match included Gabriele, Margie, Kim, Linda, Christine, Kathy, Donna, Nancy.

Our next match is April 24 against Canyon Gate at Palm Valley. We anticipate a fun competitive match and hope that our winning trend continues.


If you are interested in playing and or would like more team play information, please reach out to Margie Cashwell, Christine Soscia or any of the team members.  

Maary Smith Continues....

We started with 32 players and we are almost to the last four to play.  We have one twosome to battle it out for the semi finals. 

To learn more about Maary Smith, click here.


BW Spring Trip
Lake Havasu April 1-2